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Searching the Video Collection

Borrowing From Our Collection

The WPRC Library's Audiovisual Collection was created in keeping with the need to preserve the visual record and vocal repertoire of nonhuman primate species. The collection consists of DVDs, videotapes, and films; CDs and audiotapes; slides and slide sets; and digital photographs that deal primarily with primatology, conservation, anthropology, and animal welfare. The library collects, preserves and loans these materials for educational or research purposes.

Note:We are a lending library only and do NOT sell any items from our collection.


A substantial collection of videos, both VHS cassettes and DVDs, is part of our collection. Our holdings may be searched either through our Online Video Catalog or through MadCat, the UW-Madison library catalog. For information on how to borrow from this collection, please see our Interlibrary Loan page.

All videotapes are in VHS NTSC format with some duplicated in VHS PAL. DVDs are either region code 1 or 0. Borrowers from outside North America may require special equipment to play VHS NTSC videotapes; likewise, a DVD player capable of playing region 1 DVDs is required to view DVDs from our collection. For a full explanation of video formats throughout the world, see the information available at Alken M.R.S. Video Tape Conversion Service.

Audio Recordings

The audiovisual collection includes approximately 100 audiotapes and more than 50 audio CDs. These recordings are typically either nonhuman primate vocalizations or taped lectures about primates. Our holdings may be searched through MadCat, the UW-Madison library catalog.

Slides and Slidesets

We have collected thousands of photographic slides of nonhuman primates available for loan to educators, researchers and scientists. Some slides were purchased in sets, and others have been combined into subject-oriented sets, all of which also circulate. Our holdings may be searched through the Primate Info Net AV Resources section or through MadCat, the UW-Madison library catalog.

We are also the creators of a series of educational slide sets on primate taxonomy, behavior and conservation called The Primates. These sets are available online and as items which can be borrowed.

Digital Images

All the natural history slides in our audiovisual collection are available as digital images. Many of them are accessible on Primate Info Net through a taxonomic listing or common name listing.

Digital images in our collection are subject to U.S. copyright laws. In most cases, images are copyrighted and copyright remains with the photographer; in a few cases, the Jacobsen Library controls copyright. We also have a number of images in our collection that have passed into the public domain. Images under copyright may not be duplicated, reproduced, televised or stored for later retrieval in print or electronic format, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the photographer or the Jacobsen Library. If you wish to use any images for a publication, contact us for access to higher-resolution images.

We have a collection of historical, copyright-free images provided by artist Stephen Nash. A selection of these images can be seen on Primate Info Net in our Primates in Art & Illustration Image Collection. A database of historical images is currently under development.