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The Lawrence Jacobsen Library

The Lawrence Jacobsen Library is permanently closed due to budget constraints. Most items in the print and video collection are being transferred to other libraries on the UW-Madison campus and those items will remain available through the customary General Library System mechanisms (e.g., University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Catalog ). The images collections have been digitized and will remain available at PrimateImages: Natural History Collection and Nash Collection of Primates in Art and Illustration. Archival materials will be transferred to UW Archives.

Electronic resources (e.g., Primate Info Net and Primate Portal) will be maintained on WNPRC and GLS servers for at least the next several months as new funding is pursued. During this time, there will be little, if any, updating of content.

Please participate in a survey to be issued soon regarding the electronic resources. Your responses will provide the basis for the rationale for planned grant applications and restructuring electronic resources and services to best meet the needs of the user community.

For additional information, contact Dr. Joseph Kemnitz,